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Damp Proofing
Damp proofing in construction prevents moisture from entering building walls and floors, which is often a problem homes face.
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Flood Protection and Restoration
Flood control methods aim to reduce the damage caused by flood waters, while flood relief methods focus on reducing the effects of high water levels.
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Ground Gases
Gas protection refers to a technical solution that prevents or controls gas penetration into buildings and structures.
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Invasive Weed Control
To control weeds, you must either reduce or eliminate the growth of certain plant species that are invasive and pose a problem to your landscape.
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Residential Ventilation
Home ventilation is the continual process of removing indoor air and replacing it with fresh air from outside. Not only does this promote a comfortable home environment, but it also helps remove humid air that can lead to problems such as condensation and dampness.
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Structural Repair
Structural repairs are changes made to a property in order to make it meet the health and safety standards of the local area.
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Structural Waterproofing
Structural Waterproofing is the protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.
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Timber Treatment and Preservation
Timber treatment and preservation is the eradication of wood destroying organisms whilst preserving the timbers.
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