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    3 months ago

    Only Joined yesterday after being invited, Filled in some of the stuff, my first thoughts on it?
    Well still trying to see what purpose it will serve. iv got some coins n stuff and don’t know what they are for either. the site seems a bit clunky and slow but this could be a teething problem. obviously looks like a lot of thought has gone into it but it would be nice to know where its heading. it looks like in a year it may be a paid platform but i never pay to advertise that’s what social media is for. it seems like logging in all the time may be off-putting, especially for me but i did hear an app being mentioned so maybe that will help. Iv built up a community on a Facebook group of 2000 which is maybe what this site may be trying for . the more thats on the more attractive it is to sponsers

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    • Hi DampSam, we would like to sincerely thank you for signing up with us and expressing your opinion on Mr Damp.

      Mr Damp is the ultimate hub for tradespeople in damp proofing, waterproofing, and timber preservation. Our goal is to create an interconnected community of industry professionals. Not only that, but you will have access to a special shop section where you can buy and sell goods with ease! By connecting with your audience, you will be able to share the triumphs and progress of your organisation while also celebrating both the big and small moments. Your patrons can always stay in the know and up-to-date as they follow along.
      With trades, you can let your personality shine through in your profile and posts, react to others’ content, communicate with other people involved in the trade industry, and stay connected throughout the day. By joining groups and messaging, you can make meaningful connections with people who share similar interests or experiences as yours.

      Mr Damp isn’t just a platform for connecting with people who are passionate about damp proofing, waterproofing and timber preservation – we have bigger plans! We’re in the process of creating online courses and webinars to provide individuals with valuable knowledge related to these trades. Most of our offerings will be completely free too!

      We aim to foster meaningful connections with the professional you. To help achieve this, we will be supplementing our services with events and neighbourhood groups that serve as an additional source of support for the trades.

      We comprehend the issues associated with speed and are actively working on a solution in collaboration with our developers. As much as we would like for this process to be instantaneous, please remain patient while we work towards improving your experience.

      Mr Damp is designed with construction trades in mind and will remain free forever. It’s like another Facebook but tailored to suit the needs of those within this industry. Rest assured that it never has been and never will be a paid platform!

      In the coming month, we are introducing new features to our “Keep Me Signed In” & “Remember Me” functions. This will ensure that you remain logged in until manually logging out or clearing your cache and history.

      Let’s make our advertising crystal clear: this is tailored for individuals like yourself who own Podcasts and YouTube Channels, as well as manufacturers that offer premium products. It would be perfect for service companies to collaborate with producers, allowing them to discover other items in the market completely free. Adverts are completely optional, for example, If ABC Damp Proofing connects with DEF Damp Proofing Products and generates a sale, they will not have to pay anything– all while DEF pays only a small fee for the lead.

      We always value and appreciate feedback from our users, we will take all your feedback on board so that you can have the experience that you can have and expect, and we want to grow together.

      Again welcome to Mr Damp, we are pleased that you decided to join us and hope you have a great time here.
      Merry Christmas
      Mr Damp

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