Mr-Damp Social Network App Changelog

All notable changes to Mr-Damp Social Network App will be documented in this page.

16th August 2023 (1.0.4)


Introduced OTP Login.

Activation Process for Newly Registered Accounts with Email.

Ability to Search for Posts.

Option to Customise Chat Backgrounds.

Allowed Blocking Users in Chat Setting.

Users Can Now Add Camera Videos to Their Stories.


UI Enhancements.

Refactored Message Models to Improve Formatting.


Resolved Issues Related to Displaying YouTube Videos in Posts and Courses.

Problem of Duplicate Videos in Video Posts.

Issue of Opening Same Screen from Post.

Improved the Performance of Send Message and Chat Screens, Along with the Thread List.

Updated the Comment Count When Adding or Deleting Comments in the Post.

Minor Bugs.

06th March 2023 (1.0.3)


User can React on Post and Comments.

User can Mention Others in their Posts.

Support for YouTube Videos and URL Links in Post Media.

Clear All Notifications Feature.

Send Notifications on Share Post and Reactions.

User can Favorite Post.

User can Pin Post.

Group Suggestions Feature.

Handle Notifications Event.

Undo Hide Post Feature.

Support for Images in Forum Topics and Replies.

Show All Members with Suggestions.

Gallery Feature to Share Photos and Videos.

Manage Group Invites Feature.

Designate Moderators to Help Manage Groups.

Manage Restricted Group Members Feature.

Orders Management.

Introducing Chat Compatibility.

Reactions Feature for Groups.

Protected Blog Support.

Update/Delete Blog Comments Feature.


User can Remove Coupons from Cart.

Reactions UI Enhancement.

Show Categories in Courses.

Manage Invitations Enhancements.

Blogs Management and Display.

Chat Improvements.


Bug Fixes in Shop.

Bug Fixes in UI.

Pin Post Issue.

Video Player Fix.

Multiple Mentions while Adding Post Issue.

Create Album Issue Fixed.

Video Story Issue.

Minor Fixes.

06th December 2022 (1.0.2)


Support for Android 13.

Social Login via Apple.

Support for iOS 16.0.

Forum Notification Feature.

Select Images and Videos from Gallery in iOS while Adding Post Media.

Post Images and Videos using Camera.

Edit Posts and Comments Feature.

Search Forums Functionality.

Portuguese Language Support.

Delete Review.

Adding Variable Product to Cart.

Forum Cover Image Display.

Account Privacy Settings: Define Who Can Access Your Profile.

Hide Post Feature: Hide Unwanted Posts from Your Timeline.

Forum Notification Settings.

Story Highlights Creation.

GIF Support in Posts and Comments.

Share Activity Post Features (Post in Post).

Display Blog Posts in Activity Feed.

Active User List Display.

Friend Suggestion Feature.

Display Latest Activity.

Dynamic Currency Display.

Learn Courses on Mr Damp.

Show Users Mentioned in Post.

UI Enhancements.


Removed Limited Keyboard when Filling in Section Fields on Profile Page.

Story Highlight Options: Trash, Draft, Permanent Delete.

Media Post Upload Enhancements.


Selecting Disabled Media Type Issue in Post.

Video Story Issue.

General Bug Fixes.

Long Post Content Display Issue.

Media Post Upload Issue.

06th April 2022 (1.0.1)


Ability to Play Video and Audio in Quick View Post.

Create Hidden Group Feature.

Multilevel Commenting System.

User Account Deletion Feature.

Share Post with.

User Reporting System for Posts or Other Users.

User Block/Unblock Feature.

Spanish and German Language Support.

Story Creation and Viewing.

Group Reporting Feature.

Single Place for Editing Personal Details.

Story Sorting Options.

Mr Damp Product Purchasing Integration.

Coupon Use during Product Purchasing.

New Forum Feature: Start Discussions with Community Members and Share Ideas.

Social Login via Google.

Verified User Badges.

Order Notes.


UI Minor Enhancements.

Scrolling on Dashboard Improved.

UI Enhancements.

Replaced Video Player.

Set Minimum Scale to Prevent Infinite Unzoom Issue.

Code Optimization.


General Bug Fixes.

Forums Bug Fixes.

06th January 2022 (1.0.0)

Initial Release